WAEC May/June Result – WAEC May/June Results Statistics 2017

WAEC May/June Result – WAEC May/June Results Statistics 2017

WAEC May/June Result 2017 – The candidates who sat for the 2017 WAEC examination who have being longing to see their result, we bring to their notice about the recent release of the WAEC may/june result 2017 statistics by the Head Of National Office, WAEC. it was made to understand that only 59.22 percent of the candidates had credits in 5 subjects and above, including English and Maths.

Currently with the trending news saying that the WAEC may/june result 2017 is soon to be released.

While the result was being announced at the WAEC headquarters in Lagos, the head office. according to Mr Olu Adenipekun the head of national office [HNO], he said that the performance seem to be a nice improvement compared to last year ,that was 52.97% and then 2015 that was 38.68%.

with the result analysis, he made it clear that 1,567,016 candidates registered for the examination , out of which 1,559,162 candidates sat for the examination. 829,853 were male and 729,309 were female, representing 53.22% & 46.27% respectively.

“Out of the total number of candidates that sat for the exam, 1,471,151, representing 94.36% have their results fully processed & released. 95,734 candidates, representing 5.64% have a few of their subjects still being processed due to errors traceable to the candidates. Such errors are being corrected & the results will be fully processed and released subsequently.


WAEC May/June Result

  • 1,490,356 candidates, representing 95.59% obtained credits and above in two (2) subjects.
  • 1,436,024 candidates, representing 92.44% obtained credits and above in three (3) subjects.
  • 1,357,193 candidates, representing 87.05% obtained credits and above in four (4) subjects.
  • 1,243,772 candidates, representing 79.77% obtained credits and above in five (5) subjects.
  • 1,084,214 candidates, representing 69.54% obtained credits and above in six (6) subjects.
  • 923,486 candidates, rep. 59.22%, obtained minimum of credits in 5 subjects & above, including English Language & Mathematics.
  • 214,952 candidates results that represented 13.79% are being withed in conjunction with other crucial cases of malpractice that are still being tackled.after the investigations are being carried out and the reports of the investigations would be presented to the National Examination Council [NEC] the resolution would be made known to the affected candidates through their school.

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