8 Phrases That Should Be Removed From Your CV Immediately!

8 phrases that should be removed from your CV immediately!

Are you sure that your CV is not working against you?

It turns out that some common phrases that are used in the CV should be avoided since they inevitably trigger negative emotions in HR managers. Here’s the list of “stop words” – simply delete them from your CV!

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  1. Are you sociable and stress-resistant? Say it in other words!

The words “communicative” and “stress-resistant” are commonplace and meaningless.

If you really know how to find a common language with people and work in difficult situations, introduce these qualities differently – for example, describe your real achievements!

  1. Recruiters should not be given advice!

“Do not call from 9 to 18”, “Do not offer a low salary” – no matter how much you would like to be shielded from uninteresting offers or calls at the wrong moment, it is better to tune in to a positive wave and radiate friendliness and openness.

  1. Avoid saying you are an easy learner!

Delete the phrase “easy learner” from your CV-most often it signifies that the applicant doesn’t have anything else to say.

  1. Beauty vs. professionalism

Do not write about your “attractive appearance” or “great looks”. For most vacancies, the attractiveness of a candidate is far less important than their skills.

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If you are applying for a position where your looks matter (for example, a model or an actor/actress), then it is better to attach your photo or portfolio to the CV.

  1. “I want a decent salary”

“I want/I love /I have …” – these verbs should not be used in the CV. Such phrases will not help the HR manager in terms of assessing your skills and will raise doubts about your professionalism.

  1. “I can do anything!”

Phrases like “I can do anything” send a clear signal: the candidate has a problem with self-esteem and cannot list his or her basic professional skills.

  1. And how much is “a lot of money”?

“Decent salary”, “A lot of money” are meaningless phases in the CV. Trying to get a position with a high salary? – Mention specific figures!

  1. Spelling check and exclamations

Have you deleted all the imperfections? Check your CV for spelling and punctuation mistakes and then delete all unnecessary exclamation marks: a CV is an official document, so there is no place for emotions in it.





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