SURVIVOR 2018 TV Reality Show Grand Finale Date & Venue

SURVIVOR 2018 TV Reality Show Grand Finale Date & Venue

SURVIVOR 2018 TV Reality Show Grand Finale – The reality TV show that has been going on for sometime, which started on the 16th of May, 2018 will be coming to an end on the 1st of June 2018 which is the grand finale.


During the period of this reality show it has been an impressing program. before we continue let us intimate you on what the reality show is all about.

survivor 2018 reality show


Its a live reality TV program set to last up to three weeks with about 15 contestants struggling to be the last standing gladiator, the lone survivor.
During the period of this game there are two segments of it which are the indoor aspect and the outdoor aspect.

The indoor aspect has to deal with the contestants staying indoors and going about their normal live and seeing how they can act been with strangers also they would pass through various tasks and lots more which would be a mind blowing segment while the outdoor segment is when it comes to the jungle aspect as the contestants would make their way to the jungle to search for a box that identifies the finder as the winner. During these segment a lot of task would be given to them in the jungle and we would all keep our eyes glued to the screen to see who would be the lone survivor in the game.

Its first season is taking place in the city of Abakaliki Ebonyi state as the company in charge Softhillspictures wants to show off the tourist centres in the state as Ebonyi state is a special center blessed with so many centers of attraction.

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Its grand finale is on the 1st of June 2018 where notable celebrities would be present such as Prince Nwafor, Amechi muonagor, Jude dream FM, Honey Ojukwu as the host….

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DATE: 1st June, 2018

VENUE: International Conference Center, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State


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