Corruption Is Inherent In Us | Nigeria Youngest Politician Blast APC Led Government

Corruption Is Inherent In Us | Nigeria Youngest Politician Blast APC Led Government

Corruption Is Inherent In Us As Nigeria Youngest Politician Blast APC Led Government – The 26 years old Enugu State born politician and Founder of Beta Me Better Africa Initiative, Ogbodo Kenneth Uchenna has criticized and blamed the recent killings by Fulani herdsmen in Plateau and Benue State respectively on the APC led government for its inability to end open grazing,due essentially to its ethnic sentiments.

I sure know that a good number of Nigerian youths like me once wished they came from a different country.  I also wish I never came from a country ruled by a Mephistopheles political party like the All Progressive Congress(APC). Bureaucratic bottleneck,religion-ethnocentrism,socio-economic woes, gross incompetence and all manner of clandestine activities are synonymous with this party. When I first saw the logo of this party, I knew Nigeria will be more Jaga-Jaganised than PDP left it.

The recent incessant mindless killings across the country, especially in Benue and Plateau State and the Federal government’s crippling response to it is quite disheartening. We have gotten used to bloodbath to the point that the Presidency now commiserates with victims only through its twitter handle. No press conference! Nothing!! Nothing!!! Nigerian Youths are hardworking, we only have a very Lazy and wicked APC led government that protect cows instead of human lives.

The Fulani Herdsmen and Bokoharam insurgency both have political undertone. My reason is, how can a country that claimed to have defeated Biafra in 3 years fail to defeat Bokoharam for the past 16 years? The Sambisa forest is not larger than a state in Igbo land. Can’t we set that forest ablaze and have peace? Or do we value its timber over human lives too?  Fulani Herdsmen have claimed thousands of Lives since 2015 till date but not even one of the perpetrators has been arrested. Can’t Nigeria ban open grazing and introduce ranching system in all the states? The Presidency has the power but it has been waiting until the Herdsmen finished sweeping the entire Nigeria with the APC broom of ethnic cleansing.

The fight against corruption is a misplacement of priorities. Corruption is inherent in us, until we fight inequalities that exist in Nigeria, winning the war against corruption will be utopian. Financial crime is just one of other forms of corruption, there’s no form of corruption greater than nepotism, favouritism and ethnocentrism.  This invariably means that Mr President’s lopsided appointments is corruption.

The only set of people who can save this dying country are the Youths, aside which there would be no hope for Nigeria under the leadership of those past hoodlums from distinct political recycle bins.

Hon. Ogbodo Kenneth Uchenna ( Nkanu East/West Federal Constituency )


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