2019 Election : People Now Forced To Pay To Get Their PVC

2019: INEC Officials Begin Massive Sale of PVCs in Lagos (Photos)

The ongoing PVC registration Exercise has been turned to a National Menace by some bribe seeking Officials of INEC who have resorted to extorting money from people in order to be attended to.

According to Our AMiBO Correspondent On Ground, as at 7o’clock this morning, over 600 people have queued up, waiting to be attended to. The huge turn out was as a result of the close deadline issued by INEC. Although it didn’t take so long for the arrival of the officiating Staff at Igando-Ikotun LCDA, Alimosho, Lagos State, but the process in which the Exercise was carried out caught our attention and needs to be readdressed.

“I’m a Civil Servant and due to my job, I was unable to do mine on time hence, I decided to sleep over; I arrived here Last Night. A Mother of two Said.

“Though I met some others too, we slept under the tables of these Shops here, due to the necessity of the PVC and it’s impact on Our future, woke up on time to take our numbers only for the Officials to create a new queue for the First 200 who would pay while the rest were asked to go”; She Angrily Added.

It will be noteworthy to state here that ALIMOSHO LGA is presently the most populated Local Government in Lagos and Nigeria at large with a population of Over 6Million.

There have also been reports of related issues in Many other designated PVC locations. We therefore plead with INEC To make proper Investigation on this matter, Probe the Individuals involved and also extend the Deadline for registration.



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