NYSC Is A Military Scam | NYSC will make you a Militiaman not an Entrepreneur


NYSC Is A Military Scam | NYSC will make you a Militiaman not an Entrepreneur

NYSC will make you a Militiaman not an Entrepreneur I have been wondering the rationale behind this National scheme called NYSC. This is yet another foolishness of the military regime that we currently waste fortune to sustain. The conception of this programme is not well intended, that is why they send our youths to military camps as soon as they graduate from the tertiary institutions. Maybe the so called founders of the scheme were expecting Nigeria to plunge into war sooner than later, thus they use this ample opportunity to train militiamen. How then will Nigeria grow or develop economically? NYSC would have been a wonderful initiative if it was intended to train entrepreneurs instead of militiamen who after passing out become jobless. If I were at the helm of that scheme, no Nigerian youth will step his/her feet into those camps. Moreover, that one year programme will be a time to groom future owners of Fortune 500 companies in Africa. I will also scrap out the monthly stipend given to them and pay it to them once they had completed the one year entrepreneurship training. At this point, the stipend will be very much useful to them than the monthly N19,000 which they squander before month end, given the level of inflation in Nigeria. Put those stipends together, train them in any field of their choice, give them the whole stipend once to start up a business and monitor those businesses, simple and short! If this is done, World Bank would never contain the fortune Nigeria will have amassed in 5 years. Let’s stop this madness of sending our unarmed youths to those crisis ridden states in the name of national integration only for them to go there and die of stray bullets and police accidental discharges.Lol. A host of other youths have been thinking that NYSC is another degree but that is not true. NYSC is simply a nationally powered indigenous neo – colonial scheme, crafted to waste time out of your life. If they want to aid national integration let them stop national marginalisation. NYSC has been in existence since 1973 yet it has not achieved it’s primary purpose, why then do we still waste money on it? The things that divide Nigeria is far more greater than the things that bind it. Please go home and rest! Even the country you are serving is not ready to help your life. Low life expectancy, poverty rate very high, insecurity everywhere.

Hon. Ogbodo Kenneth Uchenna ( For House of Representatives, Nkanu East/West Federal Constituency,Enugu State ).


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