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[Video]16 Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Actually Breaking Loose in Charlottesville – 3 Confirmed Dead


(ANTIMEDIA) — A protest in Charlottesville on Saturday, the largest gathering of white nationalists in recent years, turned so violent the governor declared a state of emergency. Earlier in the day, the Virginia National Guard arrived as at least a thousand police officers were deployed to arrest those who refused to clear the area.

Around noon, a car drove straight into a crowd of anti-racist protesters, severely injuring numerous people with at least one fatality. It is still not clear how badly they were hurt, and several local hospitals have not returned phone calls from those seeking information on the victims.

The large white nationalist gathering, billed as a “Unite the Right” protest, was the climax of more than a year-long debate in Charlottesville over the fate of the Robert E. Lee statue.

Below are 16 highly disturbing scenes from the Charlottesville chaos of today that underscore the degree of tension and division currently plaguing American society:


“A Challenger plowed into ppl about 40 mph. Hit 15-20 people” Witness says it was intentional & police did nothing.


And now these lovely fellas are throwing out homophobic slurs. White male fragility at it’s finest. 



The police have cleared the park and surrounding streets. Only real intervention I’ve seen from them. They basically ignored all the fights



Fight breaks out between opposing crowds. White supremacist pulls gun. Multiple people injured



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