This country is a den of madness, Richard Nwachukwu Said

So I’m just imagining I took my little kids to school yesterday, kids I’ve carried in my loins for several years, finally they came forth, I nurtured, did those mid night emergency checks, took care of my wife till they’re up to school age.

Now in order to mold their future, I sent them to a school in the island only to hear that something happened, they’re no more…

Digging further, i realized the school building was actually been marked for demolition before the incident!

See eh, I’ll sue the state government, I’ll sue COREN, I’ll sue the school management.

I’ll Sue God too.

Suing won’t bring back my kids, no doubt but then…

If I’m not satisfied, I’ll hire killers to take a child from any top personnel in government, COREN, school Management.

Iffa nor get money to hire killers, I go buy Gun, if I nor get money to buy gun ehh, I go thief….

I go shoot person!!!

They must have a taste of the pain.


Nonsense and Corruption

This country is a den of madness,

And now that’s how a mum of 5 will be weeping for something she knows nothing about

This life is not balanced at all!

We’re just living around one gamble or the other!

My heart really goes out to the families of the kids, especially those that lost their kids to the incident!

To be frank, if na me, I go crase!

Take heart dear ones!

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