Night Clubs in Abuja That Will Make You Stop Clubbing In Lagos

    Night Clubs in Abuja That Will Make You Stop Clubbing In Lagos

    Night Clubs in Abuja – This will be my seventh year in Abuja after leaving Lagos. I have almost been to every club in Abuja, due to nature of my job anytime I hub into Lagos, I still club there. So I have all the exposure needed to pen down my observations. Lagos people might not agree but club experience in Abuja is of high standard and class thanks to children of our politicians who grace these night clubs.

    No. 1-CLUB COLONY ABUJA: Anyone who has ever been to this club knows most Lagos clubs have a lot to learn from them. It is the most fashionable and exclusive club located in Nicon luxury hotel, plot 903 tafawa balewa way Area 11 road Garki Abuja . It has the best interior I ever seen including the installation of the latest and greatest sound and lighting technology. Their customer service is superb, their cocktails, wines are not ridiculously priced. Though it was officially opened this year it has become homes for Abuja big wigs, politicians and celebrities. It has been rumored to be owned by the son of famous African pop singer King Sunny Ade which kind of explains why celebrities trip in and out of the club.

    No. 2: Club Storm

    Club Storm will give most Lagos clubs a run for their money. This club makes this list because despite how expensive Abuja is, it provides an almost low-key experience compared to its competitors. With a well rounded night of dance, musical concerts, karaoke, drinks and vanity nights, you are guaranteed to have nothing but fun! The high standard of the club as well as the professional who plays amazing songs from old school to latest releases of both African artistes and international, there is also WiFi access that is seen throughout the building.




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