Top Ten Ebonyi Artiste That Has Been Off The Limelight So Far

Top 10 Ebonyi Artist That Has been Off The Limelight So Far

Ebonyi entertainment today has taken a new dimension as the change came as a shock to most entertainers, and show biz is getting more lucrative day by day. Most of the entertainers have uped their game starting from Music,comedy and dancing, all these are aimed at giving the people the best.
Here we would give you a rundown of some of the ebonyi artist who were at the top of their game but are no longer active or are underperforming.
10. Bobby Jaytunez (Bob Jay)

Bobby jaye who came into limelight with his tune delete and he has kept on performing it in shows and trust him he always thrills his audience.
But earlier this year he dropped a song Anotia but it didn’t make waves and since then he has been on a low and since then nobody has heard from him.
The only recognized change from bobjay was him changing his stage name to bobby Jaytunez.
9. Manihot Wendy

Manihot came into limelight ending of 2018 after she dropped her sweet sound titled sweet bobo fine bobo where she featured fly de rapper, after then she came on with Navigator which made waves.
Along the line our hopeful number one female artiste went into pageantry and today we don’t know her stand. I doubt if she still knows the way to the music studio

Now the question is would she combine her modelling with her music career or just forget about music.
8.Mr T

Mr T has always been known as always been at the top of his game but of recent he has been off the game we barely see him perform in shows and someone should remind me when last he dropped a jam, buy learnt he wants to drop a jam titled shake table, we just hope he is not also on that table he is about to shake because he would fall. Bizzy

Star Bizzy we heard from a rumour that he is now a pastor. Star Bizzy once got that name he needed in Ai after he dropped his song with an explicit content that made waves.
We hope he comes back with a mind blowing track.
6a. kassidy

Kassidy is the bless me crooner who got us vibing once he gets on stage but for sometime kassidy is no where to be found in the industry as we can’t remember when last he climbed a stage to thrill his audience.
Kassidy is one artist that is humble but we need him back on the music scene.

6b. Kingtek

Kingtek is one dope rapper that is good once he grabs the Mic, but we wonder why his on the low, he is one artist that has his own unique style so we believe he is cooking up something for us, as he was pictured vibing along in FM bass studios.
5. Olawa

Olawa is one artist that raps both in Igbo and Yoruba and she is good when she grabs the mic.
But our aunty has been on a low key after she graduated does it mean she left the music behind when she graduated.
4. Don Gz

Don Gz has been on top of his game all these while last year how far won song of the year and other top awards, but for a while we have not seen him performing nor him dropping any music…
Don Gz is one talented singer that always offer his fans the best.
3. Mr flexto

Mr flexto is one artist that finally left the industry and went into photography and he actually made it known that he is no longer in the music industry but recently x1 featured him. Now the question arises what prompted him to do it.
Don’t he keep to his words again ??
2. Caften

Caften has been on top of the game since he came into the business but it seems
He is dulling now as his fans are so thirsty to hear him sing, its been a while he climbed the stage to perform.. The only track he has done this year was a complimentary jam Don Go pay.
Let’s not believe that its the record deal that’s keeping our finest off the show.
1. Garnish lichiano

Garnish is the learner crooner whom was so popular after his song Learner dropped many hope he was going to work on the opportunity and since then he has not been seen in the industry which most of his fans are not happy about.
Garnish what’s keeping you out of the industry ??

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