Phyno React To A Follower Music Critic a ‘Tribal Fool’ for Saying he Had a ‘Disappointing Year’

Indigenous rapper, Phyno has called a music critic on twitter a ‘Tribal Fool’ after the latter dropped an opinion on his music year.

Phyno did not find the comment by music critic, Joey Akan funny when he was described as having a ‘disappointing year’.

His tweet reads, “Phyno had a very disappointing year. He’s no longer a part of any conversation.”

“Didn’t upgrade his sound, or modernise it to our pop cadence. Everything stayed in the East. Even a Wale collaboration didn’t go past the initial and underground buzz.”

He responded saying, ‘Imagine this tribal fool!!! Mind ur biz b4 i change am for u. EWU’.

See the exchange below;


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