OMG !!! Look At How CeeCee Destroyed Lolu’s Thigh – c


OMG !!! Look At How CeeCee Destroyed Lolu’s Thigh – BBNaija 2018

BBNaija 2018 – In what seems to be another type of pairing in the ongoing 2018 bbnaija show as biggie paired the housemates different from their patners for 24 hours.

But all was not well with the bonded party of CeeCee and Lolu as they both lacked understanding. other housemates seems to have rolled well with their bonded partners but that of ceecee and lolu was something else, in the process of their misunderstanding we were made to understand that ceecee tried to reach out to the couch but lolu refused to move due to the facet that,

Earlier on when lolu had wanted to go down to check if the breakfast was ready, but his bonded partner refused to go which left him with no option. so he saw the opportunity to use and get back to ceecee but in the process he fell down and bruised his thigh.

After the Biggies ninja’s had unbonded the housemates, without unbonding ceecee and lolu, the big brother housemates 2018 now had to try to help them settle their differences, that was when lolu made it clear that he hated been yelled at; and i believe that was what made him angry after he repeatedly asked ceecee to stop, but cee took the bold step immediately to exnorate herself and said that she didnt yell at lolu rather she only talked to him in a mild way.

after everyone thought that all has been settled, that was when biggie played the video of what exactly transpired between lolu and ceecee for the housemates to watch.

Watch video below 

OMG !!! Look At How CeeCee Destroyed Lolu’s Thigh – BBNaija 2018




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