Nigerian Singer Adekunle Gold Shares Epic Photo.

Nigerian singing sensation, Adekunle Gold didn’t just become as fresh as he is today overnight, like every other hustler, he too had his own fair share of humble beginnings.

And the singer has shared the pictorial representation of his life before he was thrown into stardom about four years ago.

He took to his Instagram page to share a throwback photo of himself when he was still a student at the Lagos State Polytechnic. In the photo, he’s seen holding a sculpture which he sculpted by himself as an assignment.

He wrote alongside it,

Rare picture of AG posing with his school assignment in 2005,Laspotech.
PS. It was supposed to be a self-bust sculpture.
And yea I was shit at sculpting!

In another, he wrote,

What kind of sorcery is this? How is it that I was older when I was young? I swear I was 40 in this picture. 2009 o! Welp!


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