Gist Insider Exclusive Interview |Pageant queens are not runs girls or criminals and do not associate with cultist Says Sir Coollet (As The Real Story Unfolds)

Guess who we had on our Gist Insider Sunday exclusive interview ? it was a fun filled interview session as many things unfolded also he took out time to address most of the rumours making round town. read up and dont be left out.

Can we know you

My Name is Chibundu Earnest Elebe, am the CEO of Coollet installation and event, the brand that powers Nigeria Funfair Organization.

You own a pageant brand tell us about it

Nigeria Funfair organization is the organization that houses all my pageant brands like, Miss Funfair Nigeria, Mr&Miss Yuletide Nigeria and Prom Night.
It also has share with Teenoval Magazine limited that powers Teenoval modeling Academy (Ebonyi Teen Models & Ebonyi Teen Funfair ) and Teenoval Awards
Our brand mission is to end FGM, Zero tolerance to Hunger and child abuse, community health care services and girl child Education and Empowerment.
And as a nonprofit oriented organization we donate all funds realized to charity work and management of our models and pageant queens

We learnt of your upcoming show at abuja can u talk about it

Yes our upcoming event at Abuja , is going to be one of the best so far, our plans are to give out soft grants / loans up to 100,000 to our top 25 participants or contestant apart from the winning prizes of 1milliion naira for the best 5. We have plans to engage them on business sections and training during camping. Our target is for all our contestants to own a fish farm. We also included skill acquisition training and games that will take place at Obudu cattle ranch in Calabar. There are alot of activities and believe me it will be fun-filled , time will not permit me to name it all.
It’s going to be a win win for all our contestants.

What made you move your event from ebonyi to Abuja

We have to, because our Brands mission is not just for Ebonyians alone but for the nation at large
Secondly since most of our contestant cut across the nation, we need a centralized Venue for the event

Apart from organizing shows what else do you do

Apart from organizing shows am an event planner and manager . Coollet installation and event management is know for great events and we have track records

how many models do you have ?

We have about 22 models in the brand

how do you manage to give attention to them all

Giving attention to them is not an option but a duty so it’s our responsibility and we do it because we are required to.

But you don’t promote your Male models much why

That’s not true, we gave them equal attention as well as the girls. But in life girls are always the people with the willing power to outshine others , so it’s not a new thing.

Queen Isabella seems to be your top model, what do you have to say about her

Yeah she is courageous and aspire for greatness, I love her strength and spirit, she has passion for modelling. Some people don’t have such zeal, they just want crown and money, but she made modeling her hobby, it’s part of her life and she will go far. Currently we are negotiating a big deal for her, the deal will be mind blowing.

Recently a Queen from your brand was suspended do u care to tell us why

With regard to the suspended Queen I think all I have to say is that to whom much is giving much is expected, you cannot serve God and Mormon at same time, it’s either you please God and displeased Mormon or the other way around.
A pageant Queen should be an Idol a role model and not a mockery to the public. Pageant queens are not runs girls or criminals and do not associate with cultist or get involved in cultism pageantry Is not a cartel business or prostitute empire so it’s either you maintain status quo and serve for the two years and go or have your self to be disgrace and not the brand. We model great icons and not prostitute. That’s all I have tinterview

You mentioned something about cultism prostitution and lots more can u throw more light to it

Cultism is Bad especially when it involves growing adults or teenagers and prostitution is not good for the growth and development of the Girl child. We have successfully recorded so much because of our strict structure in our brand management. Yes we don’t tolerate failure or disgrace that’s why we shun such act with Suspension. Our actions have so far earned our agency an international Award as the best school for interpersonal skill development. By the International School Award.

Does it mean she was into cultism and prostitution

To be precise she is into prostitution, she join herself with some group she called her cartel and after several warning and admonitions she proved deaf ears
We can’t tolerate such irresponsible acts

laying such allegations against her are so deep do you have anyway to prove that

 I think people knows much about this, I have caught her several times and this is my brand, I decide what’s good for it……. Going around sleeping with Men or trying to defraud them either is a big crime. I think I should stop here.

One time Queen under you accused you of being a scam what do you have to say about it

 Point of correction not one Time queen, she was an outstanding model in brand an award winning teen model.
Of course am not a scam, it’s the work of people who wants to bring my brand down. I think you should ask her now that she is calm, I believe you know her,
the truth is dealing with teenage girls it’s not always easy.. Both of us had a share of the blames. And believe me I’ve forgiven her longtime ago.

You actually groom your models well, even when its not profitable in Ebonyi state, what inspires you

I believed it’s our responsibility to use our riches and wealth for the betterment of humanity —in order to repay the value of our golden luxuries to the Earth from which it came. If they prosper tomorrow that will be my achievement.

Who is that person you respect so much in ebonyi state entertainment

Sir One On One, he inspire me with his strength and approach to certain issues with regards to entertainment. Believe me he is a mentor.

Thanks alot for making out time to honour our interview invitation, we hope to see you again


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