Ebonyi Music Industry 2018 In Review | Top 10 Best Songs In Ebonyi

Ebonyi Music Industry 2018 In Review | Top 10 Best Songs In Ebonyi

Top 10 Best Songs In Ebonyi –  2018 has been an interesting year in Ebonyi State music industry as there has been many ups and down, nonetheless the upcoming artist in the state has really tried on their own part to deliver to their fans in various ways. in this article we would be giving you a rundown of the Top 5 best songs so far in 2018 coming from the Ebonyi upcoming artists.

Ebonyi Music industry is made up of both indigenous rappers and English rappers and equally singers but lets now see the ten songs that thrilled the audience so far in 2018,

Top 10 Best Songs In Ebonyi

We would start from the Number 10, to the top song of the year so far

10. Swahili By Francis songs

This is a soft pop song from the Funai Finest artist who has dropped mind blowing jams since he went into music.

Swahili is his latest tune which he recently dropped and trust us this tune is mind blowing click here to download the crazy dope sound.

09. Cannabis By Skilager

No doubt this song made our list, as this is that sweet sound coming from the son of Elijah after been in a ghost mode for over a year in the industry. but he came back with this fine tune which made everyone vibe uncontrollably to the jam. oh ye cannabis lovers gotta flow and vibe along. let us also note that he featured the only artist that his style is unique in the industry, Sean Dice. as this single made waves from the dropping date till now. have you listened to cannabis, if no Click here to download or stream it.

08. Abakaliki Beef Reply By Mr Flexto

Like we told you all, the industry has been with ups and downs, as there was a period when the artist in Ebonyi state were so out against free show and guess what, this tune was inspired by the problem, but it turned out to be nice as so many truths were made clear in the song. click here to download and listen to this tune.

07. Abakaliki Beef By Jenni Chizzy

Image result for abakaliki beef jenni chizzy

She is one of the talented female singers in Ebonyi state, as she recently bagged the award of the best Female Artist in Ebonyi State presented by XclusiveHits. This is one tune which clearly sent a message across to her fans as she said it all with her flows. this is one jam which made flows in the town from when this tune dropped till now. if you have not listened to this song click here to download.

06. Gucci Gang By Fm Bass Ft Don Gz

This is one tune that is shaku inspired which would be seen as a comic sound which also got the likes of the popular phographer comedian Asap Comedian Yungluv dropping his comic hooks. but this is one sound that got everyone banging to and trust Resovibes Records they don’t disappoint. This amazing sound was produced by the mysterious beat boy Fm Bass who has almost scrapped  all the awards for the best producer of the year as you need to watch out for more projects he has for the rest of the year. if you have not downloaded this tune, click here and judge with us.

05. Ikenga By Mr Flexto

Mr Flexto - Ikenga

Ikenga Anuanu has been the name given to Mr flexto after he dropped this dope track, this is one jam that has kept on making waves in the city of Abakaliki and beyond. The singer turned photographer who is good at what he does got us vibing to this lone sound produced by Kecyjoe. click here to download this tune to vibe along.

04. I Fit By MC Cool Baba

Mc Cool Baba ft Splendceezy, Ebudera & Ben Sax – I Fit Mp3 Download.

This is one sound that is still making waves till now, its more like an ever green sound. Suncool master shots gave it to us real hot and this tune made the top 3 best songs of the year 2018 in review. he featured Ebuderaa of Urban Creed in this music. and was spiced with sax by Ben Sax. i know you are already thirsty to listen to this tune, click here to download it.

03. Mboko By Caften 

This is one sound from the Ebonyi Finest rapper popularly known as Caften, the Mboko crooner is one guy who puts in his soul and passion in making sure he provides the best sounds for his fans. he has alot of hit tracks to his name in the city of Abakaliki. such as small trouble, Ekelebe and lots more. but this year 2018 in review this is one of his best sounds that has kept on making waves and he blessed this beat with his dope flows as he praised the ladies out there through this sound. hey, i know you wanh listen to this hit this link to copy this tune to your device.

02. How Far By Fm Bass Ft Don Gz

This became the song of the town the moment it was released, the mysterious beat boy as usual prepared  a mysterious beats and featured his Record Label mates Resovibes Records ,Don Gz with his dope flows gave us more than what we actually expected. Raizor is one act we should watch out for, this guy has what it takes to be at the top soon. and the sound came out fine. its a shakulized tune as we are in the spirit of shaku shaku, i believe this is one of the tun that would trend this Christmas . Hit here to download this tune.

01. OH NO By Mr Flexto

Oh no

The last but not the least before we review this song click here to download it then read along, this is a mind lifting tune that we must confess caught our attention. starting from how the music started to the last word it was awesome. bet me you would leave this music on repeat once you leave it on your phone. and this has been one sound that has been making waves in the city of Ebonyi and beyond. dont waste time just download and vibe along.


This is a review by the Gist insider Media team, and we all tried our best to give you the best, the year 2018 is not yet over as the list can still change anytime from now. but we all want you to note that it was exclusively based on a thorough research that we came up with this piece.



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