Ebonyi Entertainers Gather To Endorse His Excellency Engr David Nweze Umahi As they Preach About Unity

Ebonyi state entertainers gathered on the 13th of February to discuss the issues facing ebonyi entertainment industry as many of the entertainers felt they were been neglected in the state.

Many individuals were having their personal grudges that some individuals were just favoured by the government but this gathering has come to place understanding amongst entertainers as Dr Lamb has decided to anchor the movement by supporting with the sum of 250,000 which a fanpage would be created and all those who did jingle for the Governor would have their jingles published on the page and voting would commence from there winners would be selected.

De Lamb further noted that the governor H.E David Nweze Umahi has directed some government officials to be present at the meeting and get back to him, but he asked them to wait so as to organize the house and get back to him.

In a nut shell the movement was aimed at appreciating all those who supported the governor with jingles and lots more. This jingles would be analyzed from now till 3rd of March 2019.

Comedian One On One also made it known to the house that the jingles were been uploaded on Facebook so as to promote and publicize the re election of the governor as most people are on Facebook.



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