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Fire As Beef And Rivalry Rocks Ebonyi Entertainment Industry!!! Would They Survive ???


Fire As Beef And Rivalry Rocks Ebonyi Entertainment Industry!!! Would They Survive ???

Ebonyi Entertainment Industry – Its no longer news that entertainment is taking over Ebonyi as they look to develop their talent. many youths in the state ventured into entertainment either as a musician, Comedian, Event MC, Model, Event organizer, Dancer.
All these has gone a long way in showing that their is a very fresh talent in Ebonyi state. when you come to south East states, if am not mistaken Ebonyi is going far and a force to be reckoned with.
They have a lot of promising acts in all aspects either comedy,dancing,singing or modelling…but all these could be achieved if they actually see themselves as one and come together to tell themselves the truth and find out what their loopholes are.
If we can recall their was a recent E-fight between two pagentry organizers in the state. worthy of, the industry would not go far if their is continous beef and calling of names on one another
According to a FACEBOOK USER Ragnar Kuti Ellem Vfx he took the bold step to let Ebonyians in the entertainment industry to know their flaws he wrote;

And there was reaction by people, which got people talking…see below

Ebonyi state is one state that is not tired of hosting events and each time the event is superb, they have these sense of concept, just like Ragnar stated earlier. in the next three years Ebonyi state would be a place where people would travel from wide and near just to attend shows in the state. the zeal is so high among its promising stars and they are really doing a good job.
Worthy of note they are so organized with a lot
promising acts such as


  • Caften
  • Wiffer
  • Mr Flexto
  • Mr T
  • Don Gz
  • Kassidy
  • Vikxx
  • Lizzy
  • Kingtek and lots more

When you come to Stand up comedians/MCs

  • Comedian Sir ONE
  • MC Walter
  • MC taking mic
  • Mc Bartho
  • Mc Lol
  • also MC two mic and lots more

They also have the DJs like DJ 2K2, DJ Moloti, and lots more

Dancers are not left out
House Of Passion
and lots more

With all these, they have what it takes to be the biggest state in the East when it comes to entertainment why not check for the solution than to attack each.

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