BBNaija 2018 Reunion | Tobi And Alex Had Sex After BBNaija Grande Finale Cee C Says

During the 2018 BBNaija contestants reunion show during the female version on Friday night Alex aired her opinion on how she she related with Cee C in the house after a clip was shown on how they exchanged words in the house but alex tried to say that she tried on her own part to make peace with Cee C but she literally turned it down and she equally said that she is ready for them to have launch together next week and the bill can be on her.

But Cee C on trying to defend herself said that she was so confused and tensed about what its like online since she hasn’t gotten access to her phone so she needed to talk with someone and since her room was close to that of tobi she had to go knock on the door and the door was opened but she was surprised to see alex in the room with tobi so she had to leave the room, then later on she realized they were busy having Sex which she assumed after hearing some funny sounds. she still stated that alex tried coming to her room to have a discussion with her and told her something which touched he which alex asked her if she could visit her when they get back to portharcourt, which she accepted.

But she was betrayed as alex posted a video of her having a discussion with Rico online, but Alex tried to defend herself trying to state it clear that Nope she never knew their discussion entered her video and she tried to reach out to Cee C to apologize. Nina on her own part tried to spot out something that tobi told a friend whom came to tell her that Tobi ha sex with alex. so what do you think has this reunion done more harm than good.



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